5 ways to help students overcome poor grades

+12.9.14 | 11:39 AM

No one wants to fail, but students who receive poor grades can get caught in a cycle of repeated failures. Teachers have to help students break out of that cycle and overcome poor grades in order to achieve their full potential. This can be accomplished by teaching them the skills they need to self-motivate.

Self-motivated students are less likely to be caught up in a cycle of failure that affects their schoolwork and performance in the classroom because they'll be more comfortable addressing their concerns and focusing on the work they need to do. Part of teaching is to help studentsto find their intrinsic motivation and take ownership of their actions and school performance. Introducing students to the catalyst they need to succeed can help them overcome the struggle they have with poor grades.

However, there are steps that teachers can undertake to help their students as well:

Ask what's wrong – Sometimes helping a student overcome struggles with their work is as easy as asking them what's wrong. Sometimes they will be aware of what is holding them back and simply not know how to fix it themselves. This opens up the opportunity for you to help them and provide the drive for self-motivation to address their own problems and break out of the cycle they have entered into.

Be available – Students who are struggling often have more questions, and if you make sure they know you're available to talk – perhaps by email after school – they may be more likely to reach out and take the initiative to focus more on their schoolwork.

Get the parents involved – While you don't want to cause strife at home, it is important to keep parents up-to-date on a students performance, good or bad. Inform the parents if a student is struggling, and make sure they are aware that it is an addressable concern, rather than simply a lack of motivation or laziness on the part of their child. Enlist them to help motivate and encourage their child and bring about change.

Offer encouragement – It may seem simple, but making sure to offer encouragement to students that are struggling in class can make a major difference. Many students' schoolwork suffers because of poor self-esteem and outside influences on their life. Getting more encouragement from anywhere can help them overcome these challenges and refocus on their performance in school.

Suggest self-reflection – As mentioned, no one wants to fail, and allowing students opportunities for self-reflection can help them realize how to overcome the cycle of poor grades and change. You can even offer helpful questions that could help them get to the root of what is holding them back from improving their performance in the classroom and overcome it.

Tenets like the ownership spirit, visioneering the future and destination thinking are key to helping students overcome the cycle of bad grades. These are the stepping stones to success for today's youth, and implementing them early on in secondary education can help students realize the potential they have and work toward achieving it sooner. This can address the problems with graduation rates the nation is seeing lately and refocus youth on making a future for themselves.

Ultimately, this will make a major difference in how students approach school, college and eventually their careers, helping them learn how to develop the skills they need for success and happiness in every pursuit.

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