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Is your teen constantly struggling to fit in, make friends, get motivated, or reach their goals? Do they make excuses and blame everyone else for why they can’t reach their dreams? Are they fighting depression, anger, sadness, or worse?


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  • 10 interactive training lessons.
  • Teens learn to make better decisions.
  • They build confidence for a lifetime.

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Own It! can help!

Own It! has already helped over 12,500 students:

  • Learn to make better choices.
  • Build successful habits they can use forever.
  • Be empowered with a sense of personal responsibility and accountability.
  • Become self-motivated and achieve goals.


As parents, one of the best things you can do for your children is to help prepare them for the road ahead. But how do you teach them the valuable academic, social and personal skills they need to really thrive?

The Own It! program is designed to do just that. With fun, interactive online tools and real-life scenarios, Own It! guides teenagers on the path to developing lifelong responsibility, accountability and problem solving skills.

“Watching the course videos of people’s experiences were my favorite. It helped take the words on the screen and put them into real life situations.”

– Joey, 21


Training For Life

The idea behind Own It! is simple. Leadership skills are always taught in the workplace—why not reach people earlier? The sooner you can introduce better interpersonal skills, constructive decision making and productive habits, the more likely they’ll stick with your kids as they move on to college and careers.

Own It! was developed by corporate trainer Dennis Deaton and educational leader Dana Van Deinse, adapted from Deaton’s award-winning leadership book The Ownership Spirit. The program takes the success principles of Ownership and Visioneering and translates them into training that relates to the challenges kids face today.

The program includes:

10 interactive lessons – Our videos and learning activities feature improv actors who make each lesson fun, engaging and impactful.
Real-life situations – Learning is empty unless you know how to apply your new skills in real life.  Teens are presented with scenarios in a choose-your-own-adventure format giving them the ability to see how decisions determine results.
Personal Strengths Report – In workplaces, employees are often given assessments to identify personality style and how to best communicate with them. At the end of the course, you’ll receive a full report  about your child’s strengths, interests, leadership style, and learning preferences to give you new insights into how your child thinks and how she views herself.


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“Own it! helped me develop a plan for my future. I am now volunteering at a pet shelter and am planning to enroll in community college so I can study to become a veterinarian.”

Peter, 17

“I liked the interactive situation videos where I got to choose what I would do in that certain situation.”

Katie, 16