Training the mind to overcome obstacles

+9.4.14 | 09:00 PM

What's the biggest obstacle in a student's way toward success? Often, it's their own mind. Mental barriers and are often the primary obstacles holding students back from achieving their full potential, which is why we focus on breaking down mental barriers in our Own It! course.

What is a mental barrier?
At the fundamental core, a mental barrier is pure and simply an unproductive pattern of thought. Any thought repeated often enough to become a habitual, almost reflexive, line of thinking plays a prominent role in shaping our daily responses to circumstances and events.  If those habitual patterns produce productive outcomes, we call them success habits.  If they are unproductive, they act as impediments to success, or mental barriers. Students who learn that a mental barrier is nothing more than a bad mental habit have a huge advantage over those who believe a mental barrier is a truth about themselves. Students equipped with an accurate understanding have a better grasp of their own strengths and know how to overcome weaknesses.

Overcoming barriers with Own It!
The Own It! course teaches students to take responsibility for their own mental barriers. Once they realize that a mental barrier is only a point of view about reality, not reality itself, they own one of the grand keys to sidestepping a host of pitfalls that impede human progress and happiness—a key that many of their parents have yet to grasp.  Such insights ignite students' motivation and we see them reach for bigger goals and do more with their opportunities.

History shows us that great people achieved their greatness, not because they were blessed with perfect conditions, but because they learned to overcome imperfect conditions. Many amazing people grew up with less than ideal circumstances. Theodore Roosevelt was born sickly and King George VI had a speech impediment, yet both went on to become great leaders in their times. By teaching students to become more aware of their thoughts and to challenge their own negative self descriptions, we empower them with the personal equivalent of high octane fuel.

Self-reliance and self-motivation are just the beginning.  What Own It! offers is a chance for students to become imaginative self-starters, entrepreneurs of their own future.

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