Study: Retention up 10% with Own it!

  FOR IMMEDIATE RELEASE: Retention Soars After Mindset Training Study Attendance and Course Completion Also Rise, Aiding At-risk Students   ATLANTA – April 27, 2016 – Students were 10 percent more likely to remain enrolled in school if they completed a short mindset training course according to a study conducted by Graduation Achievement Charter High … Continued

+4.27.16 | 06:02 PM

Can Learner Profiles Accelerate the Teacher-Student Connection?

I noticed a clear counter-theme running through a recent conference: teacher after teacher lamented the time required to establish a productive connection with each student. Good teachers know that creating this connection is worth the time, right? So, why the frustration? “Personalization” was the conference theme, with dozens of promising products and methods put forth. … Continued

+3.10.16 | 09:36 PM

Own it! Recognized by Edtech Digest

Grand Key Education is proud to announce our 2015 finalist awards by Edtech Digest: Own it! Wins 2015 EdTech Digest Finalist Awards

+5.10.15 | 04:16 PM

Grand Key Education in the Media

Dr. Deaton talks about pioneering the movement to help teens understand how to take control of their own emotions, relationships, and goals on the Fresh Living segment at KUTV in Salt Lake City.  Click on the link below.

+4.13.15 | 07:46 PM

5 ways to help students learn more efficiently

Education isn’t just about learning, it’s about learning with maximum efficiency. For many students, however, classrooms are full of distraction and few are optimized for learning.

+12.1.14 | 02:21 PM

6 ways to better motivate students

Looking at student drop out rates and college completion statistics, it may seem like motivation is a missing trait in many of today’s students.

+12.1.14 | 02:20 PM

Top 5 reasons students struggle in school today

Many believe that the students of the 21 century struggle in school more than previous generations, and rising dropout rates and lowering college completion statistics indicate this is very true.

+11.29.14 | 11:51 AM