What’s your motivating force?

+9.5.14 | 09:39 AM

With high school dropout rates reaching 8.1 percent in 2014, and college drop out rates even worse with only 70 percent of college freshmen continuing on to their second year, there seems to be a problem with motivation among America’s student populations.

The question is, what are most students’ motivating forces, and how do they differ between those that succeed and those that dropout?

We at Grand Key Education believe the difference is in owner/victim mentality. Students who succeed own their lives, schoolwork and responsibilities, while those that do not fall victim to negative thinking. It can be “easy” to be overwhelmed by life’s responsibilities but students can be taught to stop victim thinking and start owning their potential to change outcomes.

This owner/victim choice is part of our 10-unit Own It! course, and a core part of our philosophy for success. So what makes a student an owner?

Ownership relies on several values, including taking responsibility for one’s actions and overcoming mental barriers to overcome any obstacles that life puts in the way. Every great person in history, from Winston Churchill to Rosa Parks, thought like an owner, and it’s that mentality that inspired them to stand against opposition and become the changing force society needed at that time.

Part of inspiring students to become owners and stop victim thinking is to help them discover their motivating force. While it might be different for every student, the basis for motivation is the same – the will to succeed and persevere. Whatever inspires a student to do and be better will be their motivating force, and the Own It! course can help them discover what that force may be.

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