Site License Includes:

  • 10 Interactive Training Units
  • Student Profile Reports
  • Full Year Access

How much time do you spend with incoming students who are not committed?

This prerequisite course pre-qualifies your students, and quickly prepares them with the life and learning skills that ensure success in your school.

Instead of holding students accountable, why not teach them to be accountable people?

  • “Own it! helped me develop a plan for my future. I am now volunteering at a pet shelter and am planning to enroll in community college so I can study to become a veterinarian.”

    Peter, 17
  • “I liked the interactive situation videos where I got to choose what I would do in that certain situation.”

    Katie, 16
  • “Watching the course videos of people’s experiences were my favorite. It helped take the words on the screen and put them into real life situations.”

    Joey, 21
  • “After taking Own it! my relationship with classmates changed at school. I made some new friends and learned to be less judgmental about people I didn’t know.”

    Amanda, 16
  • “‘Own It!’ introduces accountability and reduces problems with student engagement and pacing. It’s extremely valuable in helping our teachers get to know the students and support them in their learning.”

    Monica Henson, Superintendent, Provost Academy Georgia

At the end of this prerequisite course, your students will have demonstrated commitment and acquired skills they’ll need to succeed in online learning.

Once students see the direct correlation between their own thoughts and the outcomes they experience, they are on the road to self-reliance and accountability.

And you’ll receive a Student Profile with insight into student strengths, motivations, interests, and learning styles.

Teach incoming students the secrets of owning their own education

Students control the story with interactive video scenarios. Their choices change the outcome, teaching them that they can actually change their outcome by altering their thoughts. Students equipped with ownership are skilled problem solvers.

Help your students start right, and finish what they start.

Attract and Retain the Right Students

  • Help students self-select your school
  • Have students commit to you before you commit to them
  • Train new students in the mindset of success
  • Build momentum with your students even before they start
  • Empower incoming students with a sense of personal responsibility
  • Orient students to online skills beyond social networking
  • Prepare them for the daily tasks of online or blended learning
  • Students get to know themselves,their goals, and their path to completion
  • Students certify their ability to succeed in the online environment